Will Heinrich

Queens, New York.

The New York Times (recent):

"Samaritans" at Eva Presenhuber (2/12/19)

Bill Traylor at Betty Cuningham (2/7/19)

"Make Believe"/"Person/Image/Object" at Magenta Plains and Jack Barrett (1/30/19)

Tatsuo Miyajima/"Under Erasure" at Lisson and Pierogi (1/24/19)

Karl Haendel at Mitchell-Innes & Nash (1/16/19)

Magalie Comeau/"For Opacity" at Mitchell Algus and The Drawing Center (1/3/19)

Seth Price at Petzel (12/19/18)

Kayode Ojo at Martos (12/13/18)

Tala Madani/Christine Rebet at 303 and Bureau (12/5/18)

"Devotion and Decadence"/Paa Joe at ISAW and AFAM (11/22/18)

and others

The New Yorker (selected):

"Golden Kingdoms," Dadamaino, Milton Resnick Aaron Fowler

Peter Scott, Ilana Harris-Babou, Leon Golub, Cy Twombly

"Modigliani Unmasked," Genesis Belanger, "Japanese Bamboo Art"

Alina Tenser, "World War I and the Visual Arts," Jack Drummer

"Age of Empires," Richard Gerstl, "Noah's Beasts," Umar Rashid

"Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art," Jim Henson, Tom Burckhardt

Graham Collins, "Restoring the Minoans," Jose Leonilson

Howardena Pindell, "Arte Povera and Ileana Sonnabend"

Veronese, "Embodiment," William Villalongo, John Stezaker

Mother's House, "After Darkness," Max Ernst


Jaya Howey at Bureau (10/11/16)

Nira Pereg at Braverman at On Stellar Rays (6/2/16)

Mira Schor at Lyles & King (4/7/16)

Ryan Mrozowski at On Stellar Rays (11/30/15)

Son Ford at 80WSE (7/22/15)

and others


Stephen Lichty at Foxy Production (5/21/14)

Jeff Koons the Whitney (6/26/14)

Yael Bartana at Petzel (4/16/13)

Nicole Eisenman at Leo Koenig (5/29/12)

George Kuchar at PS1 (12/6/11)

and others


Assholes and Oxheads in BOMB (7/9/15)

The King's Evil (Scribner, 2003) (PEN/Robert Bingham Fellowship, 2004)

Kralin Laneti (The King's Evil in Turkish) (Olvido Kitap, 2016)

I read an excerpt on The Other Stories (8/5/15)


"Book Expo 2012"

"Zen Small Talk"

"Manuel with a Jetpack" (with Noah Schwartzberg)


"The House that Jack Built"

"The Fox"


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